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Smart Home Data Solution

In an era when the Internet of Things is developing vigorously, smart home products have entered an explosive period.At present, the more popular products in the smart home industry mainly include smart speakers, smart home appliances, children is story machine, companion robots, etc.

Speech Interaction

Users can realize interactive linkage with the whole smart home system only through voice dialogue, making the interaction between people and homes simpler and more natural.

Abnormal Surveillance

Real-time monitoring of homes, hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens and other places, timely detection of the elderly fall, patients fall, children fall and other dangerous situations, to ensure personal safety.

ID Verification

Through face recognition technology, intelligent door locks, intelligent cameras, and environmental monitoring alarms, it can verify the identity of family members and realize 360 degree protection of the family.

Gesture Control

According to the hand condyle coordinate information, gestures needed in business scenes can be flexibly defined, and gesture remote control of intelligent televisions, intelligent air conditioners and intelligent sound boxes can be realized.

Customized Smart Home Data Solutions

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Collect the sound of infants from 0-12 years old, including baby cry recordings, laughter recordings. Speech can be used for speech recognition of babies and school-age children.

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Collect the sound of TV, air conditioner, range hood, washing machine, microwave oven or other household equipment, covering different recording distances and different device modes

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Provide annotation service of providing speech on datatang platform or required platform. Annotation can be done by 5000 hours a month with more than 97% accuracy rate

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    给 Q Q 联系人张立伟打电话

Provide annotation service including intent type, slot and slot value according home interactions

  • Smart home Data Solutions_Datatang
  • Smart home Data Solutions_Datatang
  • Smart home Data Solutions_Datatang

Provide voice customize service for home appliances to create personalized sounds. We can provide high-quality speakers coming from different countries with different tones. All the speech are recorded in professional recording studios. Annotation service includes text, phoneme, and prosody

  • Has|the baby rosy$plump cheeks?$ hh' ae' z'| dh ax| b' ey' b iy| r' ow' z iy|$ p' l' ah' m' p'| ch' iy' k' s'|

Speech are collected by using the microphone array to record at different distances. The recording content includes trigger words, command sentences, parallel corpus and other types.

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Smart home Data Solutions_Datatang_DATA ANNOTATION PLATFORM


Datatang independently developed our privatized annotation platform to fully ensure data safety of our clients. Our annotation platform contains hundreds of modules of annotation tools empowered by our own service process system. The ultimate goal is to realize the highly personalized needs from our clients.

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Smart Home

Smart home Data Solutions_Datatang