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Data Sample

  • Professional|Female|Mandarin


  • Ordinary|Female|Story


  • Professional|Male|Mixed Chinese and English

    把客人的证件先拿来check in然后给他们email邮件沟通。

  • Ordinary|Male|Customer Service


  • Professional|Female|English_ US

    Were they planning a march on Cambodia?

  • Ordinary|Little girl|Natural


Our Capacity

  • Multiple languages, including dialects, mixed Chinese and English

    Chinese mandarin, English, dialect zones, mixed Chinese and English.

  • Various tones, personalized pronunciation

    Male voice, female voice, children voice. Each tone contains different types of speaks to comprehensively meet the TTS demands in various application scenarios.

  • Various fields, more professional pronunciation

    Professional thesaurus in the fields of finance and securities, weather forecast, sports events, public transport information, tourist catering to enhance the speech synthesis effect in professional fields.

  • Customization Service

    Provide customized TTS service; provide customized character, phrase and sentence pronunciation; provide customized speakers based on the specific requirements.

Application Scenario

  • Smart Customer Service

    Smart Customer Service

    Datatang owns a large amount of TTS datasets to help enterprises reduce the human cost, and enhance the conversion of marketing effect.

  • Audio Book

    Audio Book

    For the reading scenario like novel, news and book, it can provide an excellent auditory experience, thus can free eyes and reduce the threshold of audio content creation.

  • Education Training

    Education Training

    Datatang owns a large amount of TTS resource, will can effectively transfer the text into test, thus improve students study efficiency and reduce enterprise’s recording cost.

  • Call Center

    Call Center

    Quickly and efficiently assist in customer service.

  • In-car Scenario

    In-car Scenario

    Text is converted to speech, which can quickly realize the service of providing more information for car owners and passengers at low cost, enhance the user's experience in the driving process, and increase the fun while driving.

  • Smart Hardwar

    Smart Hardwar

    Datatang’s TTS can meet the use of intelligent hardware in different fields and scenes. Machines can listen and think, and at the same time they can make sounds comparable to real people, making intelligent hardware humanized.

Customization Workflow

  • Make a request

    1.Sound requirements

    2.Collection specifications



  • Existing TTS datasets evaluation

    Evaluate whether the

    existing voice meets the requirements


  • Aigning the contract

    1.Determine the collection and production cycle

    2.Business quotation


  • Production


    2.Recording in the studio

    3.Speech & corpus processing & annotating


  • Delivery




Customized TTS Solutions


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